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Mission Statement

ABCD is a community of bridge owners, designers, constructors, and suppliers devoted to improving and encouraging the science of bridge design and construction by providing a forum for members to exchange and develop new ideas and techniques. 

Purpose of Association

  • Further educate bridge designers, constructors, Federal, State and local officials and the general public in the vital role of bridges in our society.
  • Improve and encourage the science of bridge design, construction, maintenance and reconstruction by providing a forum for members to exchange and develop new ideas and techniques.
  • Provide technical information and assistance to various public and private authorities for bridge programs.
  • Further educate and encourage public and private authorities in new and improved techniques for testing and reconstruction of bridge structures to promote the public welfare.

About Our Chapter

Established in 1994, the Eastern New York Chapter of ABCD has been steadily growing, with over 130 current members. We have established a schedule of four dinner meetings, with technical presentations, an annual meeting of the membership and one or two all-day training seminars a year. We actively encourage participation of individuals that represent all of the different sectors of the bridge community including: Owners, Constructors, Designers, Maintainers, Material Suppliers and Educators.

Also, anyone else who is interested in a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on bridges in encouraged to become a member. For a copy of the application click ABCD Membership Form.

Associate Sponsors

Barton and Loguidice, DPC
Bergmann Associates
CDM Smith
CHA Consulting, Inc.
Creighton Manning Eng., LLP
DA Collins Construction Co., Inc.
Dimension Fabricators, Inc.
Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
McLaren Engineering Group
MJ Eng. & Land Surveying, PC
Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Piasecki Steel Construction Corp.
Ryan Biggs/Clark Davis Eng. & Surveying, DPC
STS Steel, Inc.
The Fort Miller Co., Inc.
Tioga Construction Co., Inc.

Contributing Sponsors

Christopher A. Waite, PE

Owner Agencies

NYS Department of Transportation
NYS Thruway Authority

Board Members

L. Joshua French, President
Charles Tutunjian, President Elect
Mark Olstad, Treasurer
Jack Wheeler, Secretary
Julianne Fuda
Michael Belsky
Dan Eckert
Ryan Henderson
Koby Greene
Andrea Riedman
Geoff Frazier

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